About us

About us

TIJ Freight Services Belgium is a modern logistics company.


TIJ Freight Services Belgium is based out of Antwerp and is part of TIJ Freight Services in Shanghai. TIJ Freight Services has 7 offices in China and strong partnerships with logistic companies in Australia, the U.S and The Netherlands.


Because of growing globalization, goods move more and faster across the globe than ever before. Sustainability and Information is key.


We want to provide our customers with the very best in contemporary logistics solutions. The right information at the time.


our advantages

Why should you let us take care of your freight?

  • 1.Reason 1 We're motivated.
    We love logistics, it is our passion. We don't avoid challenges, we face them, and turn them into advantages wherever possible.
  • 2.Reason 2 Our knowledge.
    We are professionally trained and skilled. We have a great deal of experience in handling the most complex of shipments and we can use this experience to benefit you.
  • 3.Reason 3 We have trusted people working locally on all continents.
    These people know the local markets, culture and habits. You can use their knowledge to your business's advantage.

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