Sea freight china to belgium

So, what could TIJ do for you? Imagine you have found a manufacturer in China for a new/unique product you want to sell in Belgium. This manufacturer is really great, but does not want to do any logistics stuff. You are in Belgium and have no time to find out how to ship these goods to yourself. As you don't want to spend unnecessary transport costs, you Google "sea freight china to belgium" and now you found us.. What can we do for you?

You are lucky. We are the partner you are in search for. Give us the details and we will fix everything for you. We can provide you with a door-to-door solution, no trouble. With our great network and partners in China, we'll find or make the solution for you. Let us unburden you with these logistics.

To get some more information, check out the rest of our website or just give us a call on +32-(0)3 5350013 .