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Shipping heavy freight

Today we've shipped an Atlas Copco Drilling Machine. This huge and very heavy machine, it's more than 14 meters long, was quite the heavy freight! We are proud to say that we managed to ship it to Canada without problems or delay of any kind. Working together with the port of Antwerp, everything becomes¬†possible! We¬†shipped…
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Rolling Equipment to Bangkok

Antwerp, 11-06-2015. Today 22 different types of rolling equipment from our client left Antwerp sailing to Bangkok. The equipment was stuffed, lashed and secured professionally in the port of Antwerp. We arranged the total logistics solution for our customer; handling customs, pre-carriage, port handling and sea freight.
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Special Transport to Chile

Antwerp, 20-4-2015. Last week we arranged special Transport to Chile via the Port of Antwerp. Dimensions of 24 x 4,74 x 4,62 meter!! Special routes had to be taken, because of these dimensions. On this picture, the wrong side of the road..
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