200 million tons of freight

Freight experts Tij Belgium, Antwerp, 09-02-215. The port of Antwerp is expected to exceed a total of more than 200 million tons of freight by the end of 2015. This record growth is driven by container handling.

The container trade shows impressive growth, both in tons and in number of boxes. The number of standard containers (twenty-foot equivalent units) rose in 2014 by 4.5% to 8.96 TEU. This means that Antwerp should pass the 9 million TEU mark this year. In terms of tonnage also, the growth in 2014 was more than respectable, up 5.6% to 108.1 million tons.

More information
More information about this huge mark can be found onĀ their website. We are proud to be a part of the port of Antwerp, doing more than our fair share in helping to achieveĀ this huge mark of 200 million ton.